you know what’s dumb
the concept of treating adolescents like children throughout the entirety of their teenage years and then at around age 17 pulling a complete 180 and expecting them to decide within the next couple years what they want to do with the rest of their lives

you put it in words

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This is one of the best things I have seen over the last few weeks. I think that they are both adorable and they are clearly so in love.

They show that all that matters is being happy no matter what your sexuality is.

I am so happy that gay couples finally feel that they are able to be open about it and get married. It is ridiculous that it has taken this long to get to this point, but at least it happened.

I think that these two are adorable and they deserve all the happiness in the world.

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Trust my rage.

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Girls who don’t receive romantic/sexual attention from boys blame themselves

Boys who don’t receive romantic/sexual attention from girls blame girls

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The Avengers (2012)

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